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Essence Music is an independent record label based in the southeast of Brazil.

Conceived in the late 90’s as a micro mailorder service, our activities were pushed to a new and higher flight in 2003.

Comprised of a duo of fellow music addicts, art enthusiasts, print producer and craftsman, we are connected with sounds of a darker nature, yet never bound to any defined and closed genre or limits to artistic expression. Our wide focus ranges from ambient and related esoteric sounds to drone, psychedelic, avant-rock and akin organic et non-organic experimental and unclassifiable delights.

Aesthetically, we are equally committed with quality. Our productions are exclusive and often limited, in-house crafted editions coming in exquisite art packagings and presentations, providing the listener with an unique and tactile sonic experience.

Bringing to life our very own vision of strange toned sonorities allied to the preservation of finely crafted physical editions is what moves us. And our work is dedicated to people like you – who love the glorious joy of buying, collecting and actually supporting music.