Masami Akita, aka Merzbow

Patron saint or supreme master of noise. Masami Akita deserves both titles. Highly influential artist – a status that only the chosen ones can achieve – with a vast career and extensive discography, he managed to successfully re-invent himself after finally embracing the digital age with its infinite possibilities and perspectives.

Every new album of his laptop era is a dive into exciting ideas, with a growing taste for more complex, surprisingly catchy structures and once unlikely rhythms, not abandoning the intense walls of disturbing noise.

Some Albums That Inspired Masami Akita on Sha Mo 3000

Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho - Paebirú (1974)
One of the world's rarest albums (most copies were destroyed after a flood in the label's office). An insane masterpiece of dark and acid psychedelia with strange acoustic and electric instrumentation, fuzz guitars and sound techniques similar to the ones used by legendary krautrockers like Faust and Can. Mythic.

Módulo 1000 - Não Fale Com Paredes (1972)
Another weird monster rarity from the most obscure Brazilian vaults. Wild experimental psychedelic rock never listed on the influential Nurse With Wound List.

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