Johan Aernus, from Wolfskin

Johan Aernus, the body and soul behind this Portuguese act, has managed to claim himself a deserved artistic respect and cult status among the ritual and dark ambient aficionados who had the opportunity to experience either the secular beauty of his collective side-project Karnnos or the undoubtful unique quality and inherent strength of the mighty Wolfskin.

Staying away from the usual clichés of the genre and strongly linked to the past, he continues a brave quest for the ancestral European traditions, celebrating forgotten Keltik fertilization rituals, honour and victories of ancient civilisations and a profound respect for the nature and its untamable forces, magically transposing his discoveries onto music.

Words On Previous Releases

"The inherent power of Wolfskin reflects its entire conditioning dedicated to Nature, animated by the sap of the Yggdrasill tree, source of life. Very strongly recommended." (Heimdallr)

"Incredible Portugese project who are quietly making some of the darkest music on the planet. Sinister, enveloping drones, black evokations, and swelling undercurrents of darkness drifting in varying degrees of black and shadowy grey. Has a mystical, Northern European feel to it with strong martial undertones and a heathen vocal presence. Songs of blood and honour, and victory and remembrance." (Malignant Records)

"We seldom have the pleasure to contact such creative and innovatory projects." (Dagaz Music)

"Podríamos decir que Wolfskin es la fuerza de la naturaleza hecha música, no se me ocurre otra definición mejor, ya que el estilo logrado por el proyecto es único, y aunque podríamos introducirlo dentro de los adjectivos de música ritual em su vertente más ambiental, el resultado creo que estás lejos de la mayoría de las bandas que así pueden ser definidas." (Seküencias De Culto)

"10 volle Punkte." (Black Magazine)

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