Atomine ElektrineNebulous

Atomine Elektrine - Nebulous

On this second installment for Essence Music, Peter Andersson brings Atomine Elektrine to an utterly refined and perfectionist sphere!

The trancey beats and sacral atmosphere of Binomial Fusion are past and widely replaced by a truly out-of-body, deeply layered and dynamic cosmic experience in form of a masterful ambience filled with energy outbursts, synthetic movements and algorithmical rhythms. An aural projection for a detailed exploration of nebulas, black holes, exploding stars and unknown deep corners of the cosmos.

Very much influenced by the electronic side of the kraut scene and with the ability of imposing his very own classic trademark, Andersson sets a new stone and makes Nebulous one of the greatest albums related to this genre since the early 70’s. Another amazing proof of talent from this Swedish genius!

Presented in an snowy white gatefold digisleeve and tracing paper packaging.

— Also available as Boxset Edition.

About Atomine Elektrine

Atomine Elektrine

Pure nordic genius, Peter Andersson is the talented man behind Raison D'être and a number of brilliant musical projects like Stratvm Terror and Necrophorous, each one with a very impressive and disti…